RB 4500

RB 4500 Compose - the life that gathers around the middlepoint of fire is the basic idea of this furniture. Elements with different seating depth and layouts are arranged around the midpoint. The elegant body, together with the loose back cushions, optimizes the seating comfort for everyone. With the aid of the planning table the various layouts can be assembled in a final totality. The cover provides the users with the opportunity to express their creativity directly. The modular system is still a popular furnishing concept today.

RB 6500

RB 6500 - one of the most successful leather sofas of the last 25 years.
The ample floating form lifts the owner onto a pedestal. The height adjustable back and the loose bolsters provide optimal seating comfort. The seating surface is ideally suited for reclining and relaxing.
The sofa received several awards. 1985 Design Council New York.